Spring Feet (with socks!)

There may be a few April showers around but we have definitely had a taste of the drier, warmer days that are to come as we move into Spring.
We have already bared our toes in our beloved Birkenstock sandals – yes! we have our new season stock in-store now… & our Vegan Mayari are on their way too.
This year we are so pleased to be able to offer you some wonderful summer sandal brands, including Saltwater Sandals, Yokono from Spain & Toni Pons Espadrilles in new styles and colours.

Alongside these sandals we thought it would be fun to offer some delightful socks from Bonne Maison in France who make the finest quality socks, traditionally made in Europe with the best quality cottons. The colours and patterns are beautiful and unusual – often depicting landscapes or unusual illustrations & wonderful botanical details that include seaweeds and dandelions.
We have a summer-y collection arriving any day now…

I particularly like these with the moody mountain skies, swimming ladies and the sunbeam skies of summer time.

I think they’ll pair brilliantly with some Birkenstocks or Saltwater Sandals in the evenings when it does get cool.

All Spring & Summer styles of Socks and Sandals now available
in store and on our webshop – HERE!


What’s new?

InFal_blink copy

We’re waiting in anticipation for the next issue of InFalmouth Magazine, a bi- (or tri- ?) annual print magazine that celebrates Falmouth for all that it is. We have an ad in the next issue that gives a bit of a visual spread of some of the delights we have arriving for our Spring and Summer collections.
People Tree clothing make an appearance with their gorgeous hazel slub organic cotton fabric that we have as a Debby Dress and some trousers & dungarees are on their way! The mustard Bantry B from Roka Bags is one of our bestsellers, and we will of course – by popular demand! – be having a return of the much loved Birkenstocks in Mayari, Gizeh, Arizona, Platforms, all in many colours, & all the way up to size 45 (UK 11) so tell your big footed friends too!
Particularly exciting is that we are a new stockist of the amazing Saltwater Sandals from Australia – these sandals can be worn for paddling and rock pooling and all is well! Gorgeous colours – in Red, Navy, Mustard and their new release Pewter too.
Environmentally friendly sunglasses are back with a few new styles from Antonio Verde, and it wouldn’t be summer without Anorak Online’s brilliant and practical picnic blankets, featuring Orca’s, Waddling Ducks, Kissing Hedgehogs and Ladybird Dots. Black + Blum Food Flasks and Water bottles are also going to be a hit this summer! Say no to single use plastic containers.

Now all we need is the spring sunshine and we’re away!
Looking forward to it, aren’t you?

blink Falmouth – Window Displays!

We’ve been open for just over a year now – time flies! We take great pride in designing and installing our visual merchandising (aka window displays!)  – we often have customers call by and enthuse over them. We always do them on a shoe-string budget, hoping they will provoke attention and bring a smile, attracting and welcoming people through the door!

So, I thought I would archive them so far to keep a record for you and for us too!
Before we opened the doors and began, we had quite a lot to do…:


When we opened the doors, we had to think fast, as the window display was last on our minds.. You can’t beat a paper pom-pom!


So after a few weeks we got serious with our first proper display:
The paint job & signage looks pretty good too, but thats another post 🙂


Autumn came along quickly so we brought out the conkers from N.16.

Despite coming out in a hive-like rash during this installation, this was so well received we’re tempted to repeat it someday! Watch this space…

Come November we were already thinking about the Christmas display… everyone likes a bit of snow at Christmas don’t they?

Before we knew it, the first Sale was on, simple but effective:

2018 was here, Spring was just about in the air!

We went for a monochrome and botanical theme in late Spring early summer – with an ambitious idea to grow grass in the window – did we pull it off?blink_falmouth_boutiqueIMG_20180511_102508662~2
That was so much fun – and took a lot of watering.

Summer was in full swing so we went for the Mexican carnival vibe to complement our collection;
To be honest, we out did ourselves here, the only regret was not actually stocking the fans for sale!!

Autumn 2018 arrives, so we mix it up again:

Looked more effective with the turn-tables spinning, but never mind – I do have some videos somewhere!

Christmas 2018:



And then before we knew it January SALE time again for 2019:
So there we have it, the window displays to date.
We’re sure they’re going to get better and better – we have some amazing brands this season and our stock generally informs our displays… Keep an eye out 🙂